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We can't thank the community enough for the undying support and kind words over the years about what we do here and our animals. While the fantastic testimonials and feedback has been utterly staggering, this means the demand for our tortoises has reached a level we never thought it could. This is of course amazing for us but it can be frustrating for interested parties because we are almost always sold out. In fact, in recent years customers have actually prepaid on egg clutches resulting in offspring being completely spoken for before they even hatch. In combination with the legitimacy of the tortoises we breed and the rarity (or popularity) of some, it is sometimes impossible for a serious enthusiast to acquire anything from us. To help manage the demand and to be able to provide tortoises to those responsibly wanting them, we have created "Prepaid Preorders". This is basically a paid waiting list. It guarantees you the animal(s) of your choice and helps us as a serious assurance facility to filter through inquiries to find out who really is a suitable new home for our tortoises. Patience goes a long way with us. Below, please read the details of how Prepaid Preorders work.

What are prepaid preorders? Due to the extreme demand for our tortoises, we have found that the only way we can 100% guarantee you any tortoises at all is through this method. This means payment in full or as a deposit is left upfront prior to the tortoises actually hatching. You simply contact us with the tortoise(s) you seek, projected sex and number you want. Here are some pointers concerning prepaid preorders for those interested:


  • Payment up front in the full amount of the tortoise(s) 100% guarantees you the animal (s) and puts you at the top of the list to receive the first born.

  • A deposit may be left on the animal(s) as well. Deposits are half the total amount of the order. This choice also 100% guarantees you them however, wait time is longer than those who paid in full. 

  • Prepaid preorders are done via pay pal, check, Venmo or credit card (via Pay Pal invoice only) and sales are final. We take the sales of our tortoises VERY seriously, so we expect you as the buyer to do the same. You are expected to hold up your end of the agreement because we always do. There are no exceptions to this which means there are no refunds. In the extremely rare case that for some reason the animals are not produced, you would of course be refunded in full, but any personal issues concerning any matter at all on your end will not be granted a refund. We have one of the best reputations in the tortoise community so you will always be in great hands with us. We expect the exact same level of respect for our operation and animals that we are giving you as a new home or them. By submitting a prepaid preorder you are agreeing to be in full compliance with these statements from the very start. 

  • Leaving no money up front at all does NOT guarantee you will receive anything but it does put you on the list to be notified of any tortoises that may be available after those who have paid in full or have left deposits are taken care of.

  • There are rarely any left over after those who have left money up front are taken care of. Various Testudo are becoming some of the rarest tortoises in captive collections and with impending legislation set in motion to further protect them, it will only become harder to obtain actual, pure specimens. Their small to medium size, ease of care and coloration only adds to the growing demand for them.

  • Shipping costs are additional to the price of the tortoises and may be paid at the time of shipment. 

  • Quantity discounts are sometimes available if we have an above average hatch.

  • Only hatchling tortoises are offered and are several weeks old, feeding, active and have put on their first growth rings before shipment to their new homes. 

By agreeing to these terms you are entering into a binding agreement by making a prepaid preorder. You are expected to hold up your end. We only allow a certain amount of prepaid preorders that fall comfortably within what we are definitely going to hatch. This allows us to actually keep our promise to you and keeps us organized. 

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