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Sadly, Hermann's tortoise subspecies are often mixed and the results are anything but positive.

This page is under severe construction but for now I have included photos of several known hybrids. These are crosses between the western Hermann's tortoise and the eastern Hermann's tortoise as well as crosses between the western Hermann's tortoise and Dalmatian tortoise. They are 100% confirmed hybrids. Please feel free to contact me (through the surplus page) with specific questions on the featured animals because this page is not finished or equipped with much info yet as I continue to work on it. The photos are here to help anyone from accidentally purchasing a hybrid Hermann's tortoise. This is a great threat to these animals in both captivity and nature. The traits which will help you to recognize a hybrid are pointed out with red symbols. In addition to these images I will be describing things in detail as well as providing photos of a hybrid compared to a pure tortoise.

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