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While many species of both tortoise and turtle are produced year round here at Garden State Tortoise, it is the tortoises of the genus Testudo that we take the most pride in. This is one of the reasons for creating this separate site. For decades I have exhausted myself putting together the most expansive collection of Testudo and it is my absolute pleasure to be able to offer only the purest bloodlines to dedicated enthusiasts. 

Please keep in mind that we DO NOT stock our baby tortoises on our website as if they were shelved product. We prefer and urge interested parties to do as much research as possible on them prior to acquisition and to begin correspondence with us early on regarding any and all questions. We want to see inquirers make the effort to reach out and discuss the animal(s) first.


Every single tortoise is born right here and my wife and I are the very first things they see when they enter the world. 

Below you will find a list of tortoises we offer offspring from. Please read this entire page before contacting.

Testudo Species,


& Locales

We Breed




  • Since we do not stock live tortoises on this site, this means we do not discuss pricing on this site.

  • Please keep in mind that some of the tortoises we breed are extremely rare and are the only of their kind in the United States today. Price will reflect this.

  • Most tortoises we breed are so highly sought after that the only way for us to guarantee you anything is through a method we call "Prepaid Preorders". This is because babies actually sell out before they are even born. 

  • You must have knowledge on keeping tortoises properly and be willing to follow the care sheets on this page if we are to consider you as a new home for one or more of our animals. 

If you thoroughly understand what is stated on this page and have read the PREPAID PREORDERS  page then please click the contact button below.

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